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I am a skimtube woman of 41 years old, married, I always fit in the gym, kick boxing, swimming and horseback riding told me I look great, I wax figure 36d2435 very tight and complete. My husband and I have a very open marriage, and loves to either watch or play a little on me, that's great because I can be a bitch much to tell. Two weeks ago, my husband 's book is a little decoration to do some work in the master bath, skimtube bedroom and hallway. I had taken a skimtube week's work, I work as public relations manager, I like some things I had to catch up. was set knew a father, son and temporary workers and had met his father when he was not the appointment came, was in the mid- forties, in pretty good shape, muscular body, and the West Indies is my weakness, the black man and I tend to fuck, but my husband just black kids, but we hit it off and told me that his son would be there for the first days with the bath water. Monday was a hot day I was wearing aShort summer dress right above the knee heals some and not comfortable underwear I wanted to feel good and I had not thought much about it skimtube otherwise. The doorbell rang at August 30 clock and he said Warren, the son, to find the door. There certainly has his father looks very sexy, fit, muscular 20 years old, beautiful strong arms of a shirt, vest and tight jeans very sexy. He turned and came, gave me a good look and made it quite clear that he did. I showed him the bathroom and left an skimtube hour after he was offered coffee, and I took a drink and I mean, I sat on the edge of the bathtub, and he was sitting on the floor, and after a while realized that I could see my skirt, and I was in command, and I also noticed skimtube that it is developing a very large bulge in his jeans. I made ​​a joke about 'good view, then? ' And he just smiled and said he would love to get a closer look and got up and ran to my side and I have my legadmit, there was no resistance, leaned over and gave me a very passionate French kiss, and his fingers found my ass waxed, he said : I knew you were going to be soft, smooth pussy loves me. He had my dress on my thigh and sat on me and gave me some of the best oral sex he had in a long time, after a few minutes I said let loose in the bedroom. We went into the bedroom and opened her robe and dropped it and took off his vest and pants up, he had no pants and I saw thick cock craves, was just under 10 'and very thick and hard, I'm in my knees and licked his balls and shaft and then began to feed them in the mouth, and he grabbed my hair and took my head and forced his cock down the throat almost to the balls and gag me first, but after a while, I skimtube was fine with him, and he told me, gave me a long time, I fucked the bitch and a slag, then I got up and pushed me onto the bed and swung his legs over his shoulders and kicked me with a push, it was wet, but the power took my breath away, and then gets down me away was so powerful and strong, gave me a bunch of dirty names, what I do and pinching and skimtube biting my breasts and nipples, after a while I turned around and took me doggy style, deep skimtube inside me and was playing his ass first, then two, then three fingers with my juices for me even more, and then moved out of my ass and started pushing on my ass, told me not to go and skimtube I just said, those dogs, and slowly entered my ass felt like a roller that is in me, but then began to fuck me and it was absolutely wonderful pain and joy which I have and my hair pulled back her head and around me very hard and I, as Cumming, on the other side was playing with my clit and | cry, then yell and bitch whore I felt the swelling of his cock and then fills his asswith his sperm. He broke in me then pulled his tail, which was still hard and he told me to lick and suck his cock clean as I did, then I re-mounted in the back with legs wrapped around his back and he took again, as hard and fast, which made ​​it almost to the intensity of orgasm, he entered my ass this time and lay down beside me, gently hugs and told me he knew I was a fucking simple, if he would greeted at the door this skimtube morning and said it was time sexy. The rest of the day did their job, but I have to take two more times. The next day he took me as he came and then again, if for lunch, I had not realized was that his father had appeared to us and was arrested in bed at noon. He had said nothing at that time. The next day, Wednesday, Warren had to do another job and not be home until 14:00. His father Jess starts down the hall. Comes in 8 hoursI just had a shower and leave it and then went to change in a summer dress, skimtube and about 9 o'clock I offered to make him a coffee, which came into the kitchen, and stripped of his eyes, my body without delicacy like. I took a few cups out of the closet and when I felt they came after me, Jess and his arms around me and enjoy it, fuck Warren sad yesterday, I saw you? I said, sorry, sorry and I said, why ? I like some of what they have, and went with big tits in my hands and was very hard, and told me to forget the damn coffee take me in your fucking room and I will show you what a real devil. He took it and then drop down my dress and said : Fuck, what beauty, removed his shirt and shorts and his big cock was bigger than her children, pushed me onto the bed and gave me a good fuck ' language, and then lay down and told me to deep throat him, and finally I have always done the whole wavewn my throat, complained loudly tells me that I was a white bitch. He said he then stopped and stood behind me and grabbed me hard dog what a strong man fuck my white puppet and skimtube one wonders if he and his son were better and I had to say yes, there was a one million times better lovers, he hit me and I almost cried from the house. He tensed, and came to me, and later took skimtube the ass for about two hours, then went and did some work in the skimtube hallway, and I had a bath and a dream, and later was reduced to only a short dress red silk at that time Warren had asked her if she believed he had a beer and we went to Jess Ward was behind me and felt my tits and told me this white bitch is a good fuck, she wants more, and Warren approached and opened my dress and my tits and nipples biting, which took about three hours, I spit DP'd, both cocks in the ass and one in my ass and ass in a roast of me thtime and leave, I was on the floor, cum in hair, on my tits, face, buttocks, and body. I Love Bites was red all over my tits and my ass and around my back, I leaned over and skimtube took his belt on me, I adore. I was a mess, my husband came home skimtube and found me asleep on the floor of the room and woke me up and said, little bitch who had a good time? took six days to complete the work and during this time, the two took me nearly every day and every day we had a threesome. I have seen four times a maze, as they finished the job, and once stood in front of my husband, who was on his way through Warren masturbate while he fucks me and told him what a pathetic fool. I skimtube know I'm a bitch, but I'm a big moment.
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